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If we talk of the most ancient form of old beverage then it is the tea. Besides many versions the most popular one is   the green tea. It is the native to the China. It not just grown there but also consumed in great numbers. After developing as the main beverage there it was introduced as an important drink all over the world. Today it is       a great natural remedy for several bodily problems. At the    same time it works like a magic for the fitness freaks. Some key health features associated with the wet chai are as follows:

  1. Polyphenols are the key ingredients in the green tea. This plays a vital role in decreasing the inflammatory symptoms. Many herbalists are of the view that by doing so it reduces the chances of having cancer.  At the same time it is rich in catechin which detoxifies the bodies. Green tea ingredients shield all the essential body organs, thus saving them from the major damages. Green tea is a popular fighter against a number of diseases. The overall impact of the green tea is just like the antioxidants.
  2. For a proper functioning of the body it is a must to have the sound mental health too. The brain requires certain stimulants to think well, perform well and act well. The caffeine is the stimulant in the green tea that is the most effective stimulant. Although the content is much less than the coffee or tea but effectiveness cannot be ignored. Caffeine helps in preventing the Adenosine content in the brain. This in return improves the work of the neurons and increases the concentration of the neurotransmitters. Turmeric latte blend is also rich in the amino acid called L-Theanine. The combo of these two ingredients can work wonders for the human brain.
  3. Currently green tea is a great remedy for the fitness freaks. It helps in burning down the fat content and getting rid of the excess weight.  This goal of weight loss is fulfilled with the aid of quick fat burning and improved metabolism. As a result of the better metabolism fat burning process multiplies and the fitness goal can come closer.

The people who fear to develop cancer due to some genetic reasons etc must consume the green tea. The main reason behind the cancer is that the cells start growing at a dangerous speed.  This increased speed can be reduced by the green tea. It all happens because of the antioxidants found in the green tea. The patients of breast cancer, prostate cancer and the colorectal cancer can find it really curing to increase the intake of the green tea.

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Advertising is a great medium to enhance and flourishing a business. A single advertising can deliver message to the mass audience without catering single person on individual basis. Marketing also plays a vital role in creating awareness of a newly launched business. If people become aware about the business and if they have tried a specific product and services, they will spread words of mouth and in this way huge number of people come to know about the product.  

Purpose of Chef Good: 

Chef good has been operating their food delivery services in the premises of Melbourne. We have a huge network of people and have a huge kitchen. Our aim to make healthy food delivered in Brisbane at home to our customers. We also deal in The purpose of chef good is that we want people to stay carefree regarding the food they shall have during their diet period. We feel that they should only focus on reducing and maintaining the weight. We want to make their weight loss journey a good time. We mainly deal in providing balanced diet which has protein, carbs and nutrition in balanced amount. 

We mainly cater two categories: 

  • Vegetarian: 

There are bunch of people who do not eat meat and fish. It is difficult for them to get ready made food at home. They face a lot of difficulties, we have made their life easy. We provide them with all vegetables and fruits for all 3 meals. We special make their diet plan as per their requirements and needs. 

  • Non-Vegetarian: 

There is no as such issue for non-vegetarian people as they are open to eat everything. The most important thing while choosing food for non-vegetarian people is that to deliver the food in maintained quantity of carbs and proteins. Otherwise, they might get ill if they eat proteins, sugar and carbs in excessive amount. 

How to Advertise: 

  • Endorsement with Models: 

As a general public, we adore models and film stars. We want to be like them. If we hire them to advertise food business and in that they say, they eat their food because the food is healthy and delivery is on time for all the meals then people would love to avail the services. 


  • Social Media: 

Social media plays a vital role in creating awareness of a new business. In this era, even a small kid knows how to use mobile phone and different networking apps. One post can spread like a fire and people know that this is a new business and that particular services they are providing to the target audience. healthy-foods

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