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Beer is a largely popular drink worldwide and it is the 3rd most consumed beverage after water and tea. It is also one of the oldest beverages. Beer has been documented in the earliest texts of human civilization. It has been closely entwined with man’s day to day life.

The main components of beer are malt extract, yeast, hops, and water. There are a few additional ingredients that may be added when the situation calls for it. There are big companies that brew beer and also small scale businesses. When it is produced at a small independent brewery it is called craft beer.

Some of the best craft beers can give a very unique and traditional taste. We will now look at some of the positive and negative aspects of this beverage.

Positive health effects

Lower risk of heart disease

Some evidence suggests that beer can lower the risk of coronary heart disease. If consumed moderately, it can lower your chances of contracting heart disease by 30% – 50% when compared to those who don’t indulge. There is also evidence that points to a lower risk of heart failure in the above 65 age group.

Production of HDL cholesterol and reduced diabetes risk

Beer helps increase HDL cholesterol which is good for the body. It also reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. It is seen that those suffering from diabetes have a decreased risk of coronary heart disease if they indulge in moderate drinking compared to those who don’t drink.

Provides the body with nutrients

Beer contains many B group vitamins and minerals such as Magnesium. It also has flavonoids that provide the body with important antioxidants.

Negative health effects

Abdominal obesity

We are all familiar with the term “beer belly”. This is something that is largely seen in men where the abdomen protrudes noticeably. It’s quite hard to get rid of and requires regular exercise.

Dehydrating agent

A high amount of beer can cause dehydration. It is advised not to drink beer on an empty stomach. It is better to ingest some carbohydrates first to soak up the alcohol. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after. Overindulging will cause intoxication and you’ll be suffering from a hangover in the morning.

Acid reflux

Alcohol can increase the amount of time it takes for food to undergo digestion. The chances of having heartburn or acid reflux are greater when the stomach is full for a long period of time. Beer may also cause bloating. Try having smaller meals to prevent bloating. It can also be prevented by avoiding carbonated drinks and food such as cabbages and beans.

Higher risk of accidents

Alcohol can cloud the mind and impair fine motor skills. It is best to stay away from heavy lifting, driving etc. for your safety and the safety of others.

To achieve the benefits of beer, you have to use it in moderation. This includes 2 to fewer 12-ounce glasses for one day. Anything over this limit is considered particularly unsafe for your body. If you’re suffering from an illness it is better to consult your health care provider about the safe amount of alcohol for you. It is also unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

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A birthday comes once a year, but as we age, many opt to celebrate it or have it in style. Birthdays is always not about big parties or massive celebrations. Just another year passing through with age and the responsibilities in life increase. It is of course a special day and something everyone looks forward to in a yearly calendar. Celebrating can take place, based on the individuals liking, but once in a way you can go for a low scale birthday celebration. This can be something beneficial to you or someone who is well deserving. Having fun is important and at the same time letting someone else have that fun, who doesn’t get to have fun just like you is also something important. Here are some ways you can have a low scale birthday celebration, with your loved ones, check this best pasta in Hong Kong.

A meal out
It might sound common, but this what happens when one ages. Birthday celebrations quite often turn out to be a meal out at a restaurant. This is fairly a low scale birthday celebration, without going all over on it. You can choose to have a meal with your immediate family or few friends and just enjoy the day. The choice of restaurant can be always the birthday girls or boys. It can be a steak restaurant, Italian, Mexican or whatever liking It maybe. It can be a simple meal, but a moment of celebration. Many choose options of going for dinner or a lunch on their birthdays and that ends the day of the birthday. This is what the celebration is at the end of the day. It is low scale but a way to mark the day.

Reaching out
The less fortunate and the underprivileged are growing in numbers, in any society. On your birthday, you can choose to reach out to such groups and help them have a meal or help them with some needs. Giving to an orphanage or an elders home or helping some street folks, is truly a blessing. Celebration wise you will not receive anything upfront, to mark your birthday, but you will be remembered and blessed for a feeding someone who can’t afford to feed themselves or dress themselves. Making their lives better at least by giving them one meal or helping them for that day.

It might not be a common factor in many societies, but there are societies who choose this and make it a routine practice every year, to celebrate their birthday, reaching out to the less fortunate. It is always not about the cake, the gifts and the balloons that cause the big moment of celebration of a birthday. But it is the little things that matter and celebrating the birthday with such less fortunate, does become a low scale birthday but also a true blessing.

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Eating out has been a very common habit among most of us today. Most of us run very busy schedules every day and we find ordering some food or picking up some dinner on the way home is very convenient. This is the reason that restaurant business keep blooming these days. However, it is always not easy to thrive in the market without some strategies that makes you different from the rest of your competitors. And for the new comers it becomes even more harder to enter a market that is dominated by many famous names.

Introduce new sales promotions

Most restaurants plan for different strategies from time to time in order to boost sales. By introducing a strategy like all you can eat is a good idea. This is a strategy that actually plays with the customer’s mind. Usually when you hear free food people tend to get attracted more. But in reality most won’t finish more than two to three dishes in one go. You can also increase a strategy like combo meals where people tend to buy more food to save a few bucks on a family introducing a colorful drinks menu during summer months and adding more varieties of desserts during cold seasons may also attract sales seasonally.

Educate staff on sales and introduce a bonus scheme

Your staff are the main point of sales in a restaurant. It is very important to have an enthusiastic team driving your restaurant. Therefore, educate them on how to add sales, they can always try to convince customers with an expensive appetizer or some dessert after a meal which can improve your revenue from side dishes, check this best sunday lunch. How they impress the customer, will decide your extra sales. Rewarding staff who collect a larger number of tickets end of the day will motivate them to bring in more sales.

Introduce an online ordering service

Ordering online is one of the key things a customer might look in to when it comes to choosing a restaurant. Due to heavy traffic and less parking places available in most cities today most people totally depend on ordering food online. Having an ordering site only will not boost your sales. Your staff need to constantly keep updating the site with attractive pictures and with sales promotions to create awareness. It is also a good idea to maintain a quick delivery service that will impress more customers to your restaurant. Introducing your restaurant in social media sites like Facebook and sending notifications on WhatsApp are also few ways to draw the attention from your customers.


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This is the night where you finally get to let your inner animal out. After surviving five consecutive days of endless work, you deserve to spend this day to your heart’s content. Instead of going home and sleeping in, you need to break free and do something fun. After all the hard work and stress, you need to do something that makes you feel happy and relaxed. The following are some ways in which you can achieve this.

Go for a movie
There must be a movie that you wanted to watch since it came out. Do not wait any longer since this is the perfect time to go see it. It does not matter what movie you go to as long as you enjoy it. Make sure to pick a genre that you are interested in. For instance, there is no point in going for a romantic comedy if you are into sci-fi. It is best to book the tickets well ahead to make sure that you reserve a spot for yourself.

Go clubbing
Most people are scared of drinking on weekdays since they do not want a hangover at work. Since you heading towards the weekend, Friday is the best day to get drunk. Just go to a good club, buy yourself some drinks and dance till your feet ache. If you want something a little less adventurous, then you might want to visit a place that has a decent bar and restaurant to have some quiet drinks.

Fancy dinner
If you want to treat your tummy, consider visiting a fancy restaurant in town. Check out a place that has a decent bar and restaurant within close proximity. Do not go somewhere far away since you do not want to get caught in traffic. But, do make sure to visit a place that you will enjoy. For example, if you are into Chinese food, visit a place that serves the best Chinese dishes in the city. Do not go to a pizza place just because it is closer. You can visit the great site using this link for awesome bar and restaurant.

City break
The best way to get away from all the work stress and family drama is to get away from the city itself. City breaks are awfully cheap and unbelievably exciting. Not only do you get to have a great day for a cheap price, but you get to see things that you have never seen. You can visit famous monuments, meet new people and try out various things that are different to your daily living style. 

Although burying yourself in a book or TV show sounds fun, remember that you need to enjoy some fresh air. So, instead of going home and being a loner, try out these fun stuff for a change.


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Is one of your best friends having a birthday soon? Perhaps you want to throw them a surprise party to show them how much you love them and to celebrate their special day with them. Planning s surprise party is no easy task. You need to get everyone in on the game and have them keep a secret for some time. You also need to plan every detail meticulously. While this can be stressful, the following party ideas are sure to help ease your burden! 

Inviting people

First and foremost, you need to invite people along for the party. Make sure that each and every one of them knows that it is a surprise and that they must not let the secret out! You may want to invite each person in person or what is easier is to create a group message for the surprise on an instant messaging service or on a social media site. That way everyone is able to rsvp and sorting out details is much easier. This will also eliminate the problem of someone coming up to you to ask you about some detail in front of your friend who is being surprised.

Picking a venue

When picking a venue, keep in mind that you need to get your friend to the venue without their suspecting anything. Consider a favourite restaurant or look in to celebrating with some great local pub food.

This way you can simply tell your friend “let’s go get some great pub food tonight” and they won’t suspect a thing! Picking a nice venue like a local pub also makes it easy to throw a party on a budget and will also ensure that everyone has a great time. Other alternatives are to host the party at your home or at your friend’s home. This way you simply have everyone show up and shout surprise when they walk in. Easy and unexpected! If you like however, you could go all out and throw them a huge surprise party with cake, getting dressed up and dinner. You should plan something that they are going to love, after all, this day is about them!

Get your friend to the party

Remember that the party can not start until the guest of honour arrives. Make sure everyone arrives well ahead of time and that no one walks in at the same time as the guest of honour. You will also need to put someone in charge of getting the birthday girl or boy to the venue. Depending on whether the party is low key or fancy, you will also need to have an explanation ready for why you are going out. Remember, the important thing is to have fun!

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Stocking your home with new appliances is a task that requires a bit of foresight in order to save you a bit of time and money down the road. Spending money on the shiniest and newest gadget can seem like a satisfying thing to do for a short while, but it will not remain the same when your brand new gadget languishes on your counter gathering dust. However, avoiding impulsive spending isn’t the only thing you should keep in mind for items that you will need for longer periods of time. With that in mind, here are a few things to notice when acquiring new appliances.

Make sure that the brand is reliable and caters to multiple needs
In your course as a homeowner you will be purchasing machines that require replacements and repairs. Especially when purchasing delicate instruments such as coffee makers, make sure that you purchase said item from a reputable brand that offers replaceable coffee machine parts for your particular item.

This is the similar principle to purchasing the newest and most expensive Apple product that you can lay your hands on without considering the fact whether the brand will simply stop producing the replaceable parts that you will need for your product. For coffee machines, make sure that the brand offers extraneous coffee machine parts that are multipurpose, such as milk frothers that will help complete your set without having to search multiple brands for items that will pair up suitably with your particular machine, check this coffee capsule holder.

Purchase items that have multiple uses
Cumbersome gadgets that seem more like Rube Goldberg machines that simply take up space on your counter but only perform very specific and limited tasks can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help. Therefore purchase items that can perform multiple tasks, such as food processors that are combined with blenders and suchlike. Items that are capable of multi-tasking will probably save you from a needlessly cluttered kitchen as well as from having to purchase multiple machines to perform one simple task. Additionally, opt for compactness of the items that you purchase rather than going for elaborate sets that are more suited for display rather than hard use. An added benefit of these compact gadgets is that you can now find recipes that are tailored to the use of items such as food processors. Further, if you were to purchase your gadget from a reputed brand, the brand website usually provides recipes that you can prepare that are specifically designed for said item.

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Do you own your own restaurant or food joint at the end of the street? Have you been trying for days to improve with no avail? Then keep reading on.

Owning a restaurant or any food outlet in general is a tricky matter. When you look around at established food services you will find that they are always improving and innovating. Sometimes the ideas come by like sparks from a flame, but at other times you barely even get a hint of an idea, making it become real frustrating.

Reminding the Public about You
Your food and beverage company should do its best to avoid coming to a point where you will have to remind the public about itself as a whole. Unless you own a company having a competition with the likes of the great ones like the Golden Arches (McDonald’s) and Colonel Sanders (KFC) where your company should already be well known to others, you need to show up at right times to showcase your splendor again.

If you find yourself having reached a dead end, why not look for restaurant marketing ideas to help improve your company image, check this great restaurant promotion. Taking the example of McDonalds and KFC, you’ll see that instead of marketing their outlets as a whole, almost every month they come up with a new offer or food item or menu that will for sure make loyal customers come again to eat. This is of course one subtle way to remind the public to come out and spend.

Redesigning Your Image
Over time with the arrival of new generations of spenders you’ll actually notice a drop in sales as they begin to explore other outlets while they begin to consider your outlet ‘old’. To counteract this set a margin in your business plan to redesign your company image at least once in five years to spice things up and keep it interesting. Look for change in redesigning your own brand image to simply the theme of your outlet and even the menu whilst being true to the original, check this great site using this link for trusted food and beverage company.

What more can you do?
Simple marketing and rebranding isn’t the only way you can showcase your company in a good light to increase sales. Engaging in humanitarian activities like most companies do will shine your company in the spotlight easily. Why not sponsor your local sports team or even provide support for charitable organizations. Some companies engage in providing their services for reputed events, it may be competitive to obtain approval which is the hard part but once you do you are good to go. The list is endless, and the more you help, the more you can expect more customers to fill in.

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Are you someone who likes experience different cultures from around the world? Do you like travelling the world and learning about the things that are exotic to each culture? Do you have a knack for travelling? Then this article might be of some use to you. There are various ways in which you can experiment with different cultures from around the world. You do not have to travel across the entire world you can visit countries close to home and experience what it is like to be in a different culture. There are many types of cultures even within one country and therefore this will not be a difficult task. Here are a few tips on how to do this at an affordable cost.

Eat from Around the World

One way in which you can experience different cultures from around the world is to eat from each different culture. For an instance, if you are interested in European cultures, you may want to try pub food in Sydney in order to get a better sense of the things they eat.

You will experience the difference in pub food compared to what you may eat in an Eastern culture. In this manner you must make an attempt to eat things that are specific to the certain cultures in order to understand the tastes and methods of the different cultures. Further, tasting their beverages is also another great way to understand the difference between cultures. So in your travel experience try their best restaurant.

Travel At Least Once a Year

Another way in which you can experiment with different cultures from around the world is to make a plan to travel to a different culture in a different country at least once a year. You do not have to make expensive travel plans that do not fit your yearly budget. You can find methods to travel cheap and experience different cultures around the world in a manner that suits your budget. Further, you can start saving extra each year with the aim of travelling to a different destination at the end of every year.

Read Books and Online

An extremely cheap way to understand and get a grasp of different cultures in different countries is to read books written about them and read about them online. However, you will not receive the first hand experience in this manner. If you cannot afford to travel however, this is the second best option as you will be able to read things written about these cultures. There are websites online that go into extensive detail about the minute details of these cultures and photographs, videos and sometimes even recipes are provided. This way you can experiment at home as well and experience different cultures in the comfort of your home.

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Summer days are meant for cold beer drinks and that is something that everyone enjoys. However, hedonism is being extended to a social cause like saving the environment by certain enterprising people in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef has been coming under scrutiny and concern among the environmentalists. In order to protect the beauty and the natural balance of this region, some enterprising people have started the beer movement where people are encouraged to come and socialize and for the beer they drink, they get to contribute to charitable causes like saving the Great Barrier Reef.

Social and charitable brews
This is one of the several instances which are seen in other parts of the world. Many people are opting to the concept of setting up charitable or social enterprise brews and bar ventures so that people can be encouraged to participate in social and environmental campaigns like saving the environment or other causes. Hence, if you are visiting the seafood restaurants Melbourne CBD at you might stop by social brew enterprises where you will get to know about ongoing campaigns where you would be encouraged to contribute as well.

Crowd funding initiatives
The concept behind setting up social brew ventures is an interesting one. As most people like to drink, getting them to a pub that also has social causes linked to them and providing more information to the customers is the main idea behind these ventures. Most of the social and environmental campaigns that are started are crowd funded. Those who are regulars at these places, unlike the class private dining Melbourne CBD, usually are encouraged to fund these campaigns or ventures as well as come up with new ventures or campaigns as well as brews and menus in these places.

Craft breweries joining in
Many craft breweries are taking up this stance as well. As craft beer usually involves coming up with unique flavors, having a social cause linked to them and encouraging the customers to have a part in the ideas. Hence, these breweries ask their customers not only to crowd fund the campaigns, but also to come up with unique flavor suggestions for the next batch of brews to be made in the brewery.

Veering away from the big brands
Many people are veering away from the big brands when it comes to drinking beer. Hence, with customers ready to experiment, many people are starting off craft beer initiatives. What’s more, linking it to a social enterprise or a cause also attracts people who find it a platform to join causes they believe in and have a good drink as well. The local and small craft beer owners offer their customers more choices in deciding the menu as well as in crowd funding different campaigns.

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