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If you already have your own restaurant, you may have noticed that there are more and more customers walking in and asking for vegetarian option and vegan options. This is something most restaurant owners have faced and it is a reflection of the global shift in eating habits. Plant based eating is increasing significantly everyday while meat eating is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. For centuries humans have killed and eaten animals however this habit has resulted in the annual deaths of fifty six billion land animals and a number of sea animals so vast that their numbers can only be measured in tons.

One fact that most people do not know is that only about five to ten percent of each catch that comes in from the oceans is edible fish while a good ninety percent of wild sea life die in vain. This has resulted in a shortage of fish in the oceans, a situation that humans once thought impossible. In addition to this, in order to raise fifty six billion land animals every year, we are using up a majority of the world’s grain, grain that could have been used to feed a thousand times more humans thereby eliminating hunger and starvation altogether. This knowledge together with many more facts are causing young people to become more aware of nature and switch to a kinder and more compassionate diet.

Meet the changing market

As a restaurant owner, it is important that you become a wise business person and start to meet this changing market. Although consumers are changing, restaurants are slow to catch on which means that there are still a very few plant based food chains in comparison with the number of young people that are changing. If you already have your own electric meat mincer you may consider cleaning it, sanitizing it and using it to create a variety of faux meat products our of beans and seitan.

If you are successful in creating a great tasting meat alternative with the use of your electric meat mincer, you are guaranteed to have a lot of business. You can not only sell a whole lot of your products such as meat free hot dogs and burgers within your shop, but you can also sell the sausages frozen and packed for young people to take home.

You might be surprised to find that your sales will not only come from vegans and vegetarians but from meat eaters too who are eager to try something new and different. The consumer trends have shown that even meat eaters are shifting toward a diet with less meat due to health reasons.

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In par with many other industries in the world, the food industry also had shown a drastic improvement during recent years. Globalization and the free availability of information over the internet has played a great deal towards it. Live cooking shows, reality shows like “master chef” and the 24/7 running food channels available on TV has taken us closer to different cultures and their different methods of cooking. Today people show a great interest in learning and trying out new dishes from around the world. Here are some ways to improve our knowledge on this.

Browsing the net

Whether you are interested in preparing a gyros plate from an ancient Greek recipe or a modern fusion Japanese cuisine, it can be found on the internet. Most cooking websites or videos posted on YouTube or Facebook have the visual demonstrations that makes life easier for many of us to remember better and practice efficiently. However, internet is a place that anyone can post anything, we have to make sure that we are following a genuine order to avoid this, you can always go by a recognized site or read the comments and reviews posted by others to get a better picture.

By attending a culinary class

There are many classes and courses that helps us to improve on our recipe knowledge and cooking skills. Most courses are conducted by reputed chefs or cooking experts in the country. This is also one reliable way of learning to cook and to increase your knowledge. Being part of a team can make it even more interesting as you can share recipes with each other. I’m sure it is also great fun to attend a live cooking class and watch how they demonstrate various dishes right in front of your eyes. Since you get hands on experience in front of an expert you can correct your mistakes and get proper advises too. The only drawbacks are taking such a class can be costly and also, mostly only a limited number of recipes are being taught in a class.

By reading books

Reading is the best way to gather information and knowledge on anything, same applies for cooking as well. Many world famous chefs have published their own version of cooking books. Most of them bring you a vast number of various recipes from around the world and may also carry important facts about cooking appliances like the BBQ hire and the most appropriate ways of using them as well. Books gives you a great source of resources which you can refer back at any point of time and could be preserved for generations to come in the future.

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Gifting is one of the oldest traditions in the world and this is not just to give something to another. It’s about giving something with a lot of love, gratitude and worth to someone. So, when you have a special day coming up like a birthday, anniversary or other special event of your loved ones buying them gifts of necessary. So we came up with some unique gifts that you can buy or even make at home. Take a look!

For someone who loves chocolate

Is there anyone who doesn’t like chocolate? Well, not at all. But still there are people we know who are truly fans. Well, you can give them something to enjoy in a special way. Why not try and make some chocolaty desserts? If you check the internet you will get hundreds of desserts and sweet treats to make out of best chocolate.

Starting from cakes to hot chocolate spoons there are so many recipes you can try. pick something out-of-the-tradition and you can be creative in using different flavors of chocolate like best white chocolate in Australia, dark chocolate, milk and much more.

A collection of tea bags

If you have a friend who likes to drink tea then give them uplift with buying them a tea kit or a collection of different flavors of tea bags. Also you can check for teas in different countries. Sometimes you might have a special tea shop in your area that sells these collections too. Want to be more creative? Then collect these bags and make a wreath. Or you can make DIY tea bags out of coffee filters and strings.

Books for a Bibliophile

A person who loves to reads books can be no happier by owning more books. So, you can appreciate their liking towards it by simply gifting them something worth reading or something of their own style. If you don’t know which book to choose you can also buy them a book voucher? That will settle the problem.

Pamper then with luxury

You can give them a voucher to a spa. None of us would say no to go to a spa and get that wonderful body massage. It truly relaxes one and that ambience! It’s so elegant and from first sight heals all that stressful moments. Also you can gift them a voucher or a discount for a hotel or resort. What’s a better way than to spend your holiday in the lap of luxury indulging yourself with fabulous food and wine? So getting a gift like this will truly make the receiver so special.

Accessories for the fashion star

For a girl we would recommend some make up kits, accessories like jewelry and other clothing items. For a boy you can go for accessories like bracelet, hats, cufflinks, ties, etc. everyone likes to fill their closets with these trendy items so give it uplift.

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