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Farewell Party For Your Favorite Coworker

Corporate parties are considered boring and very limiting since you would not be able to have fun and eat and drink like you would want to as in a regular party with friends or family. Whether your boss is there or not, you need to keep up appearances and make sure not to go overboard with anything. But if you end up pulling the short stick and is shackled with organizing the party then it is a whole lot different scenario of ‘not good for health’. So here are some tips to help you along with preparing the party without any issues.
Get a head count
Make sure to send out an email to the whole department and ask for RSVP to the function. Usually the date should be set to a Friday and for a couple of hours as it will make it easier for people to attend than on a regular week day. Make sure to send reminders for those who have not responded to the email to get to know whether they can make it.
Food and drinks
Unless you want to do a potluck and ask your co-workers to bring food, which has a very low percentage of success unless there are a very small number of people, going for office catering Melbourne will be in your best interests to get quality food and drinks and in time.
Make sure to do a poll in the kitchen or the usual hang out place at work to figure out which allergies are present and what kind of food and drinks are preferred so it will be easier to organize with the office event catering.
Speeches and decorations
You and some co-workers can always go on for a simple theme and decorate the area in the office or the venue to bring some cheer to the party. Get silly toys and a banner going to give the room the party mood. Speeches from the persons in charge and some friends of the co-worker leaving the business or service should be arranged as well. It will be meaningful and also memorable. For more info about caterers Melbourne, visit
A farewell gift is a must; try to arrange a present that is sentimental to the soon to be ex-coworker. Maybe something from her or his desk that they cherish or a collage of photographs and messages which is framed can add meaning to the tough and fun times you all have been through.
Make sure to do something simple yet classy and get a theme going if preferred by the coworker leaving but make sure not to skimp out on some games to make memories.

Farewell Party For Your Favorite Coworker
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