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Plan A Surprise Birthday Dinner

Is one of your best friends having a birthday soon? Perhaps you want to throw them a surprise party to show them how much you love them and to celebrate their special day with them. Planning s surprise party is no easy task. You need to get everyone in on the game and have them keep a secret for some time. You also need to plan every detail meticulously. While this can be stressful, the following party ideas are sure to help ease your burden! 

Inviting people

First and foremost, you need to invite people along for the party. Make sure that each and every one of them knows that it is a surprise and that they must not let the secret out! You may want to invite each person in person or what is easier is to create a group message for the surprise on an instant messaging service or on a social media site. That way everyone is able to rsvp and sorting out details is much easier. This will also eliminate the problem of someone coming up to you to ask you about some detail in front of your friend who is being surprised.

Picking a venue

When picking a venue, keep in mind that you need to get your friend to the venue without their suspecting anything. Consider a favourite restaurant or look in to celebrating with some great local pub food.

This way you can simply tell your friend “let’s go get some great pub food tonight” and they won’t suspect a thing! Picking a nice venue like a local pub also makes it easy to throw a party on a budget and will also ensure that everyone has a great time. Other alternatives are to host the party at your home or at your friend’s home. This way you simply have everyone show up and shout surprise when they walk in. Easy and unexpected! If you like however, you could go all out and throw them a huge surprise party with cake, getting dressed up and dinner. You should plan something that they are going to love, after all, this day is about them!

Get your friend to the party

Remember that the party can not start until the guest of honour arrives. Make sure everyone arrives well ahead of time and that no one walks in at the same time as the guest of honour. You will also need to put someone in charge of getting the birthday girl or boy to the venue. Depending on whether the party is low key or fancy, you will also need to have an explanation ready for why you are going out. Remember, the important thing is to have fun!

Plan A Surprise Birthday Dinner
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