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The Influence Of Western World

Western world basically includes countries in Europe and North America. It also includes parts of Australia but not prominently. Europe and North America mostly are considered as the super powers in the world. This is one chief reason for their influence on earth. Several studies by famous psychologist like Milgram shows us that human beings are prone to authority and will submit to authority when responsibility is taken off their shoulders. This explains why Western countries influence us because they take lead in everything.

In terms of research, development and technology

Western countries are far ahead of from the rest of the world in developing formulas and chemicals. They are employing people who have more potential in their research development. It can been seen that most of the time, researchers will be from Asian countries like India, Pakistan, China. Westerners are not looking at their ethnicity or some other things like their caste while employing these people in their research. Thus; they influence the world in terms of research and development. Moreover these countries had started researching on these subjects long back before the eastern part of the world came to know about these things. But; Indian culture and history shows that they had vast and better knowledge about science and technology. Studies on their temples and other religious cuts show that they had been well versed in those terms but they did not share the knowledge with the general population thus they lost their chance at publicity.

In term of culture

You can observe that western culture is seen spreading around the world like a contagious disease. Children are planning to leave home at twenty one. The culture is turning more into individualistic from collectivistic. People are more concerned with their own people and their family. People leave to western countries in search of better place to live. Link here the great products that will perfect in any culture.

Food habits

Most of the time, when they leave the mother country; they try to change and adapt themselves to their host countries food habits. But, it is obvious that at some point of time, you will start missing the food from the mother country. Thus, Asian supermarket in Melbourne serves as a base to access international food to the immigrants at affordable prices. Most of the time, it will be too costly but due to these supermarkets they have significantly helped these people.

There are several other things in western culture that is slowly changing the western countries. For example, dating in western countries is accepted and the parents are more outgoing. But, in eastern society, it is a crime to go out and get to know guys. Another chief issue that is on debate is legalising the LGBT marriage. Westerners are more open to the idea whereas eastern people are more trained to condemn the idea that is against their religious views. But, it can be observed that children are more open to the idea of LGBT in both societies. This shows that westerners are more influencing the teenagers.

The Influence Of Western World
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