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Too Much Coffee

Coffee come from seeds, it took a long journey for a seed to become a coffee. There are so many different types of coffee which people mostly don’t understand the differences there are four basic differences; Arabica is the most commonly known and it’s the one which is supply 60% around the world, it is very difficult to cultivate the coffee seeds because they can easily effected by the environment and weather they need much care, Arabica is full of shades so that in cultivation climate don’t give much challenges, due to longer time period which is around 3-4 years for a coffee seed to become a plant so it need to be harvest in a proper manner with care. Other one is coffee caniphora this is the second one which is most harvest and supplied, it has more caffeine than Arabica coffee beans that is the reason it is strong and can face climate issues but it is more beneficial and produced well where less rains occur, the more dry area will help the seed to grow more, in fact farmers usually harvest and produce in all the season due to its strong capacity, this coffee is more preferable to the people who like soft coffee with milk and sugar, cream this one is the best one in taste and it seed is very neat and shaped as well.

There are two others which are less commonly use but they are well known and coffee bean suppliers Gold Coast prefer them to have so that this rare coffee can be sold in a higher prices as compare to others, liberica is the name of coffee it is the most rare one and very different from others, with uneven shape there are so many people who like the aroma of coffee and keep its seeds for decoration but these seeds have nothing like that they are not in dark brown in color they come in wood colors, its aroma is very different from all the other coffee beans, it is one of the expensive ones and not available easily in the market, the people who luckily taste it have said that it is the best coffee they even drink and after this one they don’t want to taste any other, this is the only coffee seed which is different in shape, size and color.

The very last one is excelsa is an another type of liberica and it is discovered recently this found in south-Asia and hardly circulate in the world, some leading coffee bean suppliers still consider it a different type from liberica because it plant is higher than any other types of coffee plants they are very unique to find and the supplier of this seed are selling it in high prices that is one of the reason that it is so rare in the market.

Too Much Coffee
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