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Types And Pros And Cons Of Coffee Beans

Children of today’s generation have so much worked and studies pressure that they have to use energy drink and coffee to intake nicotine and make them a self-force to stay up night and study for their courses.

Some coffees have high level of nicotine while others are light, this is one of the reasons why children these days crave tea and coffee.That is because of the intake of much nicotine. Their body gets immune to getting nicotine that when it doesn’t get served, children crave for it.

A simple way of making coffee

 One of the simplest and most effective ways of making coffee at home is to buy coffee beans in Brisbane. It is time-saving as well as energy saving. It is made within minutes and any kid or children can easily access to it, now it’s available in all stores.

Types of coffee beans

Every country has its own types of coffee beans. Three different types of man coffee beans are Liberace, Robusta and Arabica



This coffee is low on yield as compared to the other two types


 This coffee contains 2.5% more caffeine than the other two


 This type of coffee is low on caffeine and has a smoother taste. Children usually tend to take this one since its not so hard and does the job anyway.

 Advantages and disadvantages of using coffee beans Coming towards the health benefits that are caused to the people around the world who use coffee beans to make coffee.

 Firstly it lowers the risk of getting skin cancer, the elements in the beans reduces the risk of cancer and maintains the life span if they drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee daily.

 In the case of coffee, not only skin cancer chances reduce but general cancer chances are also reduced. The researchers have found that people whos intake of coffee is greater are the ones with low chances of cancer than those who don’t consume coffee on daily basis.

Coming towards the criticism of using coffee beans


Talking about the bad coffee, it can cause health or ruin. Bad quality coffee can contain many impurities in it which can later cause health problems such as headaches, liver problem or body pains. This usually happens when the beans are over ripped or otherwise ruined. Even a tinniest bad bean can make your coffee toxic, therefore you need to get good quality beans to ensure your good health.

 The amount of caffeine that is suitable for us is written in our DNA if we consume more than that amount, the body becomes restless and causes insomnia since they can’t sleep all night, restlessness case greater problems in future.

 Do not consume coffee when you’re pregnant, researches have found the babies are sensitive to coffee and if the mother consumes coffee, it is highly dangerous for babies’ health.

Types And Pros And Cons Of Coffee Beans
Types And Pros And Cons Of Coffee Beans
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