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How To Make Everyday Meals Special

If you are a person who cooks for the family, no doubt that you must be thinking of ways to make the meals special for them. Especially if you have kids it is quite difficult to make them eat home cooked meals. But there are several ways to make these meals special and enjoyable for the family.

Be a little extraordinary
What if you can be a little extraordinary in the middle of the week, it can be a weeknight dinner, and when you want the family to be happy and excited about the meal, you can be a little special. Instead of using the same plates and cutlery you use, pull out that fancy china you have. A change in dishes can make a big difference in the attitude of the people who eats them. It makes them feel like eating at a restaurant. You can keep some fancy napkins and change the cutlery. If you want to learn fancy table decors and how to plate food like in a restaurant, healthy cooking school.  Also you can make a special drink. Make a juice or a soup to go with the meal you are preparing. It will make the whole notion of eating at home a pleasant thing and it will be like you are eating out.

Have a menu card
This is a real fun way to spin things around. Prepare a menu card for the family. Each week you can change this. Read some real food books and gather several healthy recipes and dessert recipes. During the weekend gather you family and tell them to pick what they would like to have the next day. Well now since you can’t cook several dishes, you can ask them to vote on a meal. The meal that gets majority of the votes will be cooked that day. This will be a fun and an exciting way to keep the family bond together as well as enjoy a home cooked meal. You can even arrange games like spin the wheel and the food item that comes on the pointer will be made on that day.

Take it to the garden
If it is a warm climate you can take the dinner or the Sunday brunch outside to the garden. Take your folding chairs and a table and eat outside. It is a fun way to enjoy a meal and kids will love it since it’s something you don’t do so often. You can have a barbeque and some salads for dinner in a night that you are eating outside. To make it even better you can bring in some paper plates and it will be like camping and eating out. It is easier since you don’t have to wash up any plates. This type of things keeps the family from wanting eat junk food. And it keeps the kids excited about eating at home.

How To Make Everyday Meals Special
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