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Let’s Go Organic

Mostly people think organic foods are very expensive and tasteless. But the truth is organic foods can be purchased at affordable prices by many bakeries and outlets. As natural favours are added to organic products it’s tastier than the usual artificial chemical induced products that we knowingly consume everyday. Organic foods are filled with natural nutrients and vitamins. Here are some reasons why you should switch to consuming organic foods today.

Rich in nutrients

Organic foods are filled with nutrients which is absorbed from rich organic dirt used to grow them. Especially from fossil fuels. As synthetic fertilisers aren’t necessary it is very healthy to consume organic foods. What usually happens is when the soil is not replenished for a very long time farmers and producers have no other option but to use harmful fertilisers. This directly impacts the nutrients of the growing harvest, in addition the nutrients in the food is deficient or destroyed completely.

More flavour

The flavour of a compressed and stressed plant is not the same as a plant which was growing with ease and freedom. A plant requires a certain amount of nutrients to grow, when the plant doesn’t have sufficient nutrients it has to consume all its energy to dig deep and find nutrients. Hence, the plant will not have energy to put to the growth process.

Not monocropped

Mostly farmers only grow a single crop in a very large area which will make the whole harvest vulnerable as one disease can wipe out the whole harvest, not only that a single type of bug can do the same. Farmers are willing to spray every single chemical they have, which will kill everything but not the plant in order to protect it. Hence plants will be covered with harmful pesticides which humans will digest. Having a variety of plants in one place will attract different types of bugs who will work in harmony and promote healthy plants.


Non organic means there are no harmful chemicals in your food. But did you know it guarantees that there are no GMO in related things too? GMO are used in conjunction with a very harmful. By consuming organic foods, you take a stance against major chemical producing companies.

Doesn’t inhibit

Spraying chemicals to destroy pests is only a temporary solution as pests always adopt the pesticides and learns how to be immune to it with time. There will always be an insect to eat and destroy the plants. Even though pesticides work for a while it will become uncontrollable very soon. But the good news is organics doesn’t inhibit the growth of super strains. 

Healthy lifestyle, healthy community

Organic food planting doesn’t harm the atmosphere of the surroundings of it. You can buy organic food in your closest wholesale bakery Sydney. It keeps the air, water and Land free from harmful toxins. Moreover, organic food can be sold over for a very low price as there are fewer emissions and less transportation costs. Isn’t it so easy to stay healthy while protecting our nature only just by eating right?

Let’s Go Organic
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