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Beer Drinking With A Cause

Summer days are meant for cold beer drinks and that is something that everyone enjoys. However, hedonism is being extended to a social cause like saving the environment by certain enterprising people in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef has been coming under scrutiny and concern among the environmentalists. In order to protect the beauty and the natural balance of this region, some enterprising people have started the beer movement where people are encouraged to come and socialize and for the beer they drink, they get to contribute to charitable causes like saving the Great Barrier Reef.

Social and charitable brews
This is one of the several instances which are seen in other parts of the world. Many people are opting to the concept of setting up charitable or social enterprise brews and bar ventures so that people can be encouraged to participate in social and environmental campaigns like saving the environment or other causes. Hence, if you are visiting the seafood restaurants Melbourne CBD at you might stop by social brew enterprises where you will get to know about ongoing campaigns where you would be encouraged to contribute as well.

Crowd funding initiatives
The concept behind setting up social brew ventures is an interesting one. As most people like to drink, getting them to a pub that also has social causes linked to them and providing more information to the customers is the main idea behind these ventures. Most of the social and environmental campaigns that are started are crowd funded. Those who are regulars at these places, unlike the class private dining Melbourne CBD, usually are encouraged to fund these campaigns or ventures as well as come up with new ventures or campaigns as well as brews and menus in these places.

Craft breweries joining in
Many craft breweries are taking up this stance as well. As craft beer usually involves coming up with unique flavors, having a social cause linked to them and encouraging the customers to have a part in the ideas. Hence, these breweries ask their customers not only to crowd fund the campaigns, but also to come up with unique flavor suggestions for the next batch of brews to be made in the brewery.

Veering away from the big brands
Many people are veering away from the big brands when it comes to drinking beer. Hence, with customers ready to experiment, many people are starting off craft beer initiatives. What’s more, linking it to a social enterprise or a cause also attracts people who find it a platform to join causes they believe in and have a good drink as well. The local and small craft beer owners offer their customers more choices in deciding the menu as well as in crowd funding different campaigns.

Beer Drinking With A Cause
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